Wednesday, November 23, 2011

عيد ميلاد سعيد US Senator Charles Schumer (NY-D)...Happy Birthday.

November 23rd makes the first day in the calendar that Black Friday can fall on. Being a trivia buff, I decided to also check out what else November 23rd is credited for. Interestingly is the birthday Senator Charles Schumer of New York. Not knowing much about this Democratic US Senator, I decided to look him up on Interesting stuff on this guy...and then looking into his various stances and comments I found it hard to believe that this guy is a Democrat. Guess it just shows that the Republicrat Party is alive and well in New York. But...let's stick to the facts and the rest will go easily. 

The largest contributing sector to Senator Schumer's campaign entities is the Financial Sector. Below is a simplified breakdown of his contributors.
Top 5 Industries, 2007-2012, Campaign Cmte
Industry                                            Total                   Indivs              PACs
Securities & Investment                    $2,733,564        $2,586,764     $146,800
Lawyers/Law Firms                           $2,178,160        $1,927,147     $251,013
Real Estate                                        $1,252,490        $1,162,990     $89,500
Lobbyists                                          $574,963           $565,193        $9,770
Misc Finance                                      $551,100           $534,100        $17,000 

In-State vs. Out-of-State
In State $8,265,091 (62%)
Out of State $5,093,916 (38%) 

PAC Contribution Breakdown
Business $2,477,937 (83%)
Labor $324,500 (11%)
Ideological/Single Issue $198,339 (7%) 

After reading these interesting numbers and a few others. I decided to look into what this guy has to say about the finance industry sector. Well... Here ya' go:
We are not going to rest until we change the rules, change the laws and make sure New York remains No. 1 for decades on into the future.” — Senator Charles E. Schumer, referring to financial regulations, Jan. 22, 2007
He as maintained a constant campaign to let 'Wall Street' run unrestrained and allowing them to do so with the American publics money. He was the primary architect of the bailouts and primary beneficiary. His fund raising for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee resulted in a 50% increase in donations from the financial sector. And as Congre$$ was trying to sort this out... While debating the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Schumer drew criticism when he asserted that Americans did not care that 'porky' amendments had been inserted into the bill. Said Schumer, "And let me say this to all the chattering classes that so much focus on those little, tiny, yes porky amendments. The American people really don’t care." You can watch and hear him say this on the US Senate floor here -->

Eid meelad sa'eed! عيد ميلاد سعيد is how you would be wished a Happy Birthday if you were in Palestine. The same place where you made comments like "to strangle them economically until they see that's not the way to go, makes sense" in the Orthodox Union speech. And yes again on video...
Would Senator Schumer's anti-Palestinian statements would be related to the funding your campaign and events receives from organization like these would it? Americans for Good Government, Citizens Organized PAC, Florida Congressional Cmte, Heartland PAC, Louisiana for American Security National Action Cmte, National PAC, NorPAC Northern Californians for Good Govt, To Protect Our Heritage PAC Washington PAC and World Alliance for Israel? With the encouragement from the United States, Israel has ensured that the Palestinians are suffering through a slow Holocaust aimed at near extinction of their people at the hands of their brothers. We in America are financing a large part of this while folks here at home aren't even being taken care of. Does this make sense? Senator, half of them are kids. Where are your priorities? 

Now here's something that caught me off guard when reading up on Senator Schumer. He wants to deregulate the commercial fishing industry in the Atlantic and North Pacific. This deregulation would cause undue overfishing in the last protected fisheries in the World. I bet he also supports building the world's largest earthen damn and copper/gold mine near an active fault line above the until now pristine Bristol Bay, Alaska.
"After years of overfishing, many fish populations have begun to recover. On Monday, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced that New England’s fishermen will be allowed to increase their catch of 11 commercially important fish stocks in Atlantic waters this summer.
This progress, and that announcement, can be traced directly to the Magnuson-Stevens Act, a 35-year-old law that imposes ambitious timetables for rebuilding depleted fish stocks and gives scientists a major say in setting limits. So it is disturbing that New York’s two Democratic senators, Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand — both with solid environmental records — want to weaken the law. "

So...Happy Birthday Senator Schumer. I sure hope that you are proud of how you have effectively represented We The People as an elected representative in the United States Congress. Your defense and design of multiple bailouts of big industry and your stances on American foreign relations have fed into the putrid perpetuity of the American political system. You have become this ingrained career politician that is almost unrecognizable. Happy Holidays as well...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Holidays...

Black Friday....
Oh the great tradition of hauling your tired ass out of bed early enough to get as close as possible to those marvelous Black Friday prices on those absolutely necessary items that help to drive billions of American dollars and millions of US jobs overseas. Black Friday has become an annual event across America that boosts last quarter earnings and kicks off the Holiday $eason. This National day of consumerism on steroids is the antithesis of Thanksgiving. This also presents a wonderful opportunity to We The People...There is something that We The People can immediately accomplish without breaking any ordinances or laws or codes. 

Today... The Super Committee admitted failure in the seeking out of a plan to fix Our national government's disaster of a budget. This was predicted by many even before the committee members were selected by the 'leader$hip' of Congre$$. So what does this mean to We The People? It equates out that we will now go another year farther into debt and despair. Why? Because we allowed it, however I am not going to sit and bitch. I am going to scream and use what I can... Here's a few ideas for We The People to ponder, and they're easy. 

For all the shopaholics that may stubble upon this posting... Even you can help make a impact. Look around your abode and spot 4 things you bought last Black Friday. If you can and you honestly have some use for it still, good. Now think back to what you bought an spent that day. Can you make a common sense connection to your existence today for more than 60% of it? Now try and imagine not spending that 30-40% on something that won't make it a year. I am willing to bet that the actual percentages on Black Friday purchases are more like 50-60% were fad/frivolous impulse buys that if not purchased would have made a significant impact on the corporate profiteering that is so prevalent. Creating commercial fads and needs through slick advertising has also created a vacuum that is sucking Our economy overseas, Our resources, Our Lives... 

This has also allowed We The People to be scammed by news media for far too long about the truths of what Our Government has passively allowed these exclusive private interests to do to US. When you spend a dollar on Black Friday, remember that the US Government guarantee written on it is 40%in the hole. Unfortunately most people in American are in the same boat. So why are you spending that dollar? As a gift, does it have true needed value? Try and purchase things that you can see a recipient actually using and enjoying say... 6 months from now or next fall. One way to make this effective for everyone is to spread this word. Share with friends and family what you are doing and how you are approaching your gift purchasing this year. Making Holiday gift giving a more practical exercise for everyone can also make a significant impact for local and regional economies by retaining more liquid cash locally, local businesses and producers will see a boost in revenue over the following months. 

As a whole and establishing solidarity of purpose, We The People can make the impact needed to bring true awareness of Our demands. We can demonstrate fiscal austerity for ourselves and reap that benefit. Why can't Our government do the same? It's rather easy... Congress has shown US today that it is broken and must be discarded.
We The People of Our country want the spending to stop. Stop the wars - Stop the Space Programs... Stop the Foreign Aid Programs... No more government expansion... Stop being owned by private interests... It really is that simple. Stopping the wheels of government will not hurt anything. Then We The People can integrate the change that we need to carry forth to take care of the future for our children. 

Be Truly Thankful & Celebrate By NO SPENDING, on 11/25/11 . The spirit of Thanksgiving was to also signify the need to put away and live frugally through the winter until the bounty of the next harvest season. If you have to so in a manner that produces better outcomes and less waste. Happy Holidays... ╫╟╖A╥╖Ks 

Friday, November 18, 2011

To Sarah Palin and the Wall Street Journal and Fox News and Occupy

(You're Way Behind Sarah...
The corruption and abuses of Congress upon We The People by Our Congress at the behest of Private and often foreign corporations and interests is merely a statement of generality and demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of plight most Americans are feeling.  Congress did not Occupy Wall Street Mrs. Palin, they were bought out.  Waves of lobbyists and corporate contributors make true representation For The People merely a feint thought while conducting business in DC and State capitols and municipal townhalls around America.  However, this is being fomented by corporate media and the truth of the movement and the ideals of constitutionality are trampled in favor of advertising and crony-ism.  We want to be heard and we want to be legitimized, but we will not be co-opted and sold out.

Mrs. Palin, you as one of these corporately sponsored media personalities making commentary about the Occupy movement and collaboration to get media endorsement and suggesting financial opening is quite simply...simple.  Before sitting on Sean Hannity's show going round and round about how We The People are acting undirected, do your homework.  Another consideration is this, the mainstream media is not the place to make an attempt to co-opt Our movement.  The people that were on the streets at the Tea Party and Libertarian events during the last several campaign cycles,are some of the same people that are acting for and supporting the Occupy movement.  You Mrs. Palin have ammassed a few million of of the co-opting of the populist Tea Party movement.  However, little has changed for those people that supported that movement, financed that movement and even voted for it's candidates.  And quite frankly, there is little hope on the horizon with the stable of candidates and already elected representatives that is being shoved down our throats by the inclusive media outlets.

The Occupy Movement is young and structural solidarity is needed in order to ensure that we can continue in our pursuit of restoring America.  This is how the actual public of the Tea Party became so disenfranchised.  The already elected "SELF-Proclaimed" Tea Party Caucus leaders took reign of the populist term and kept freshmen representatives and true liberty seekers under control.  When the results and progress didn't come along, they naturally blamed government gridlock and political inbreeding. The Democratic party does the same thing...Typical congressional respoce to We The People, no matter the issue.  Occupy is slowly maturing despit the attacks my the government and media.  Some Congressional members and federal conservative candidates have spoken in favor of the ideals that We are promoting.  However, no one has approached us to allow Our voices to be heard in balance to the accusations and misrepresentations of Occupy.  We The People are exhausted of being enslaved to a corporate interest government, period.  You Mrs. Palin are helping that oppressive system to thrive and sustain itself.

We urge you to take note of the variety of issues represented in the groups that have chosen to affiliate themselves with Occupy.  From Veterans to handicapped people to elderly people to everyday people, Occupy is becoming a true representation of the diversity in America.  We The People are Occupying Together and want everyone to join us and lend what talents and skills that have to further the cause of realizing Truth, Liberty, Justice and the Pursuit of Happiness, By The People.

On a positive swing to this, you suggested that the Tea Party and Occupy reach out to one another.  First, let's look at what this may look like...The common basis must be framed on the ideals of the US Constitution.  Any organized or public effort or collaboration must follow the ideals of equality for ALL people as individuals.  If you want to reach out...then reach out.  We have Mrs. Palin...and we found friends and collaborators rather close to home and mind.  We The People are joining together without corporate financing and media promotion.  Getting co-opted and then abandoned is not going to happen.

You are in a unique position to step back and do some homework on Occupy and read what We The People are doing.  Sure the demonstrations have become unruly, never did a Tea Party event hosted by You or any other paid for mouthpiece draws this attention.  And the Occupiers aren't carrying assault rifles and hunting gear around... so why the extreme reaction from local municipal law enforcement?  However, I can tell you that Occupy and Anonymous have condoned nothing but peaceful participation in expressing our personal rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution.  We The People Want Change Now... By The People, For The People.

Join Us?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Micheal Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg has consistently acted against the best interests of the citizens of New York City, especially since the beginning of the occupy Wall Street movement.  People my wonder why...but this is rather easy to determine.  Mr. Bloomberg is one of those 1% that We The People, the 99% are disgusted with.

With a net worth of $19.5 billion in 2011, he is also the 12th-richest person in the United States.[2] He is the founder and eighty-eight percent owner of Bloomberg L.P., a financial news and information services media company.   He has also switched from being a life-long democrat to a republican in order to get elected.  His callous attitude towards the Occupiers is understandable.  He simply is catering his municipal management decisions to his fellow billionaires.

He maintains a public listing in the New York City phone directory, residing not in Gracie Mansion – the official mayor's mansion – but instead at his own home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, at 17 East 79th Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues.

Anonymous would like to encourage everyone, especialy the citizens of New York City to contact Mayor Bloomberg using the following methods...

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)

FAX (212) 312-0700

Let Mayor Bloomberg know that his actions regarding the oppression of free speech and assembly are despicable.  His blatant disregard for the law by ignoring the TRO issued this morning is wrong and not representative of the citizens of New York City.  This is clearly enough reason for the voters of New York City to initiate a recall of Mayor Michael Bloomberg...


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Robert Catesby made a stand at Holbeche House in Staffordshire, against a 200-strong company of armed men. He was shot, and later found dead, clutching a picture of the Virgin Mary. As a warning to others, his body was exhumed and his head exhibited outside Parliament.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We The People must come together to save Our habitat, Our home. The destruction of Earth is out-pacing the growth of civilization and our precious water and food supplies will become more scarce as industrial development threatens us all. Companies like...
Royal Dutch Shell, 
Rio Tinto, 
Archer Daniels Midland, 
Georgia Pacific

are determined to drill, dig and poison Our Earth for the profit and benefit of few. Their collusion with our elected leaders across the globe has perpetuated a near global war that has claimed millions of lives and destroyed millions of acres of natural habitat.

What shall we do? How shall humanity survive the man-made disasters along with the climate change and civil strife that is building?  There are now an estimated 7 BILLION people on Earth, the 99% of US that are being enslaved by OUR Governments and Corporations like the ones listed above must RISE now... TOGETHER

We must become 0ne,
Divided by None.
We must stand Today,
Or Fall Tomorrow.

We Are People,
We Are Power.
Live above Existence,
Become a Citizen!

We are Anonymous, 
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive,
We do not Forget.
United as One,
Divided by Zero,
Expect US...

Know Your Enemy

This video is self-explanatory...

Challenges 4 the Lulz... -Video Reposted from 7/11

We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion, We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget, United As One, Divided By Zero, Expect Us...

As the OCCUPY idea expands and becomes entrenched in our modern society. We The People must continue to share information about the oppression and injustice that has become so pervasive. The truth must be let loose upon OUR world, lest we allow corporate greed and government corruption to continue at the expense of We The People. This is what Anonymous is doing...facilitating a True Global Change.

Even as government entities from around the globe take aim at hurting the movement through provocation, deception and illegal acts, We The People are standing strong. The movement to freedom by the people is growing exponentially on a daily basis. No longer are We The People going to allow OUR resources and leaders act on behalf of interests not OUR OWN.

Please remember to be safe when participating in protests and communication sharing, the oppressors have put into place mechanisms to monitor and disrupt the actions of We The People. The US Military has enacted programs aimed at infiltrating social media movements with the goal of influencing public opinion and discrediting targeted entities such as OWS and Anonymous...However they haven't been paying attention very well.

This video is reposted from July 2011 for the purpose of 'reminding' ourselves, We The People that We are Just and Noble in seeking Freedom...