Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This little idea came to me awhile ago and I just got around to making it happen.  My main purpose is to have a platform for brainstorming ideas on how to further along the collective idea to RestoreAmerica through Solidarity of We The People.  Increasingly evident on MSM and SM Platforms are Agent Provocateurs, Haters and just plain ole' ignorant folks... these are contradictory to the commitment that I have made to myself to use resources available to share truth in an effort to make a positive & worthy impact upon society and the future.  So...

Let's have some fun and of course Lulz along the way...Happy Sailing!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


#Secession Ain't #Patriotism Y'all!

Since the reelection of Barack Obama, petitions to The White House have been racking up on the We The People website. Leading the fray is Texas with over 50K signatures and now even the welfare State of Alaska has jumped on board this sinking ship idea. Yes, We The People have the right to pursue whatever means We choose, but We also are responsible for the consequences of such. Imagine what would happen if China decided to cut it's loses and call on the debt owed before a civil crisis arises? Or even afterwards when these supposedly sovereign entities can't call on the republic to bails them out, over and over again? What happens then? Do We The People then Wake The Fuck Up and join together to RestoreAmerica?

Solidarity of We The People that believe in Liberty and Freedom from Government oversight is the only way that America will survive. We must put aside some bullshit and make Our Stand Now, not tomorrow. Turn off the TV, stop promoting worthless consumerist media... Occupy your spare time by attending public meetings on issue you care about and demand full accountability from the media and government entities involved. Send at least one weekly email to an elected official about your concerns with government. Stop being scared to StandUp and SpeakOut for your belief in what America is about.
In doing so, please remember that Truth, civility and common sense are the proven best methods of communicating with others, especially in groups. Maintaining a decorum of decency when participating in civil discourse helps maintain credibility for your message and makes it easier to uphold or defend. Participation in the public process of government isn't just a right as a citizen, but a duty as a Patriot.

#Look4Ward to #2016... Let #US dispose of #AmericanApathy and #TakeBack #OurNation!

































Thursday, October 25, 2012


#I #Am #A

In accordance with Section 1021 of The National Defense Authorization Act; Reading and Disseminating the contents of this communication or any other by the various persons mentioned in or associated with the postings on this blog may result in the inclusion of your name upon a list of people that may be considered as threats to the security of the government of the United States of America. For further questions please refer to:
Belligerent Act 

#Truth about #WarAgainstThePeople


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Come Together

We must come together to save our habitat, our home. The destruction of Earth is out-pacing the growth of civilization and our precious water and food supplies will become more scarce as industrial development threatens us all. Companies like Anglo-American, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Rio Tinto, Mitsubishi, Halliburton, Kennecott, Archer Daniels Midland, Monsanto and Georgia Pacific are determined to ...
drill, dig and poison Our Earth for the profit and benefit of few. Their collision with our elected leaders across the globe has perpetuated a near global war that has claimed millions of lives and destroyed millions of acres of natural habitat.

What shall we do? How shall humanity survive the man-made disasters along with the climate change and civil strife that is building?

We must become 0ne,
Divided by None.
We must stand Today,
Or Fall Tomorrow.

We Are People,
We Are Power.
Live above Existence,
Become a Citizen!

Monday, February 6, 2012


   #OpLightStrike . . .    
Message From Anonymous. Hello This Is A Message From Anonymous. My
Friends I Would Like To Invite Any And All Willing To Participate In
The Next Goal . Operation Lightning Strike. During This Operation Make
Your Own YouTube account along with a face book or twitter to broadcast
the message of anonymous. Make Your Pages Your Own And Promoted
Anything You See Fit. This Operation's Main Goal Is To Increase The
Network Between Pages. Allowing For Fast Transmission of information
and other operations preformed within anonymous.

We Must All Remember We Are Only As Strong As Our Signal. Knowledge Is
I hope this voice provides a bit more clarity for you.
It is important that the message is understood.
This voice change also proves a point about Anonymous.
I can be anyone.
At anytime.
This is because, I am not a person.
I am an Idea.
An Idea that humanity can better its self.
The people behind the mask are host,
purely messengers of that idea.
You can not destroy an Idea and You can not destroy Anonymous.
For we are Legion,
We never forgive.
We never forget.
Expect us...

WeThePeople and #Peace...☮

WeThePeople and #Peace...
Things to remember while assembling together for the causes of justice, equality and freedom. Just a few suggestions and some inspiration for ALL of us. Be Safe and Stand Strong in the face of oppression and ignorance.

1. Our attitude will be one of openness and respect toward all we encounter in our actions.

... 2. We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person.

3. We will not destroy or damage any property.

4. We will carry no weapons.

5. We will not bring any drugs or alcohol.

6. If participating in a nonviolent direct action, such as civil disobedience, we will not run or resist arrest; we will remain accountable for our actions as a means of furthering our witness to injustice.

Maintaining a positive and peaceful attitude while standing in front of the armed tools of the Oppressors is always difficult. Often the same officers that are wearing those riot masks and holding batons are in the same boat personally and financially as protesters. They are doing a job that they volunteered to do in order to pay their bills and survive in our consumerist society. We as Occupiers should make these same citizens aware of who they are protecting... Because there's something wrong with how things are working nowadays.

When We The People gather in public spaces to air our discontent, we are exercising our constitutional rights. The suppression of the First Amendment by the corporately run government is the antithesis of what America and Democracy is about. The time for lasting effect and to begin the change We The People deserve is now, not tomorrow or whenever we get to it. It's high time that We The People are served by OUR government, not the other way around.

The list of complaints and demands grow longer by the day as our government continues to destroy our rights and resources. The restoration of America is long overdue and as a nation, it is our civic duty to foment and participate in the process. We The People are the Nation, not it's slaves and subjects.

Stand Up... Speak Up... Smarten Up! Question the minions of Corporatocracy as they work to squelch your actions and voices. Stand in solidarity with your family, friends and fellow citizens as We The People strive to #RestoreAmerica!
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

#OpESR 2012

Operation Empire State Rebellion

Quite simply this is a public awareness and recruiting campaign being coordinated by a wide variety of Anonymous, Lulz and 99Percenters.  There is no one person or entity in charge of this or coordinating what views are expressed.  The basic concept is to provide information related to the 2012 Election cycle in the United States, from the Presidential election all the way through the local and state elections that will conclude on November 6, 2012. 

We The People are empowered by Nature and the US Constitution to actively participate in #OpESR in hopes that we can influence elections to better benefit OUR nation and everyone that is affected by the actions of the US Government.